LogoScience IDEAS Project: 2002-2009

NSF/IERI Science IDEAS Project: School Participants by Year

The table shown in the Related References shows the schools participating in the scale-up of the Science IDEAS model over the multi-year NSF/IERI project. In general, all Science IDEAS implementations were schoolwide over grades 3-4-5. In addition, as a result of making the intervention schoolwide overall, a majority of Science IDEAS schools also adopted a modified version of the Science IDEAS model in grades K-2 (Primary Science IDEAS).

In grades 3-4-5, the project requirements for schoolwide Science IDEAS implementation consisted of daily 1½ - 2 hour instructional blocks that replaced traditional basal reading instruction. In addition, in grades 3-4-5, the project also required schools to schedule an additional daily 30 minutes for literacy instruction.

In comparison, in grades K-2, the adaptation of the Science IDEAS model did not replace regular reading instruction. Rather, the model was implemented in an age-appropriate fashion through daily 45 minute, science theme-oriented instructional blocks.