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Science IDEAS: Project Scale-Up Model

Over the past decade, addressing the question of scale-up has become recognized as a critical issue in school improvement. If research-based evidence serves as a major source of school improvement, then it is important to gain a systemic understanding of what is required by schools to do so. That this has remained an unsolved problem as evidenced by the fact that there are few, if any, examples of successful school adoption of research-validated instructional interventions. Addressing this issue involves addressing three important dynamics: (a) initiating the intervention (i.e., implementation with fidelity) in , (b) gaining the capacity to sustain the intervention, and (c) expanding the intervention to additional sites with sustainability. Additionally, as the scale-up model referenced here points out, successful scale-up also logically requires the development of an understanding of the systemic value added to schools or districts by the intervention.

Visual perspectives of the scale-up process are shown graphically in the Related References.