LogoScience IDEAS Project: 2002-2009

About Science IDEAS

For All Students

Science IDEAS emphasizes cumulative, in-depth, meaningful learning in science and enhanced content area reading comprehension across grades K-5.

In Grades K-2

  • Daily 45 minute block dedicated to cultivating students' science inquiry skills. Identifying student knowledge of the world around them and discussing every day phenomena they are exposed to. Integrating reading, writing and hands-on activates to increase students' depth of understanding.
  • Multi-day concept-oriented science lessons engage students in a variety of activities including hands-on science, reading comprehension, class writing/journaling, and class propositional concept mapping.
  • Emphasis on generating a curiosity for science while building a knowledge base that will support students as they progress through their education.

In Grades 3-5

  • Daily 1½-2 hour time block that focuses on in-depth science understanding within which reading comprehension and writing are integrated.
  • Multi-day concept-oriented science lessons engage students in a variety of activities including hands-on science, reading comprehension, writing/journaling, and propositional concept mapping.
  • Emphasis is on students learning more about what they are learning.

For Teachers

  • Science IDEAS provides continuing professional development and support
  • Provides teachers with an instructional framework that emphasizes increased effectiveness in teaching for in-depth science understanding and reading comprehension.
  • Helps develop and support teacher capacity for curriculum planning, classroom assessment, and science concept teaching.
  • Provides a network of teachers in Science IDEAS Model Schools for additional coaching and support.

For Principals

  • Science IDEAS provides a comprehensive framework for collaboration
  • Provides development and support of principal leadership that insures the fidelity of implementation of the Science IDEAS model at the classroom level.
  • Assists principals in scheduling and supporting grade-level instructional planning time needed by Science IDEAS teachers.
  • Provides a network for principals of model schools to support management of and build capacity to sustain implementation of Science IDEAS.


  • Accelerate cumulative development of student meaningful understanding of science concepts
  • Enhance student proficiency in reading comprehension in all content areas
  • Develop the capacity of teachers, principals, and district administrators to implement Science IDEAS
  • Study the process of how effective leadership and support can best be provided to schools adopting Science IDEAS
  • Evaluate the cumulative effects of Science IDEAS in preparing students for success in high school courses that require advanced reading comprehension proficiency
  • Study the process associated with scale-up of Science IDEAS across other schools and districts